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A limited production run, the range of vehicles with the W12 engine represents a historic pairing of unrivaled automotive craftsmanship with the ultimate in grand touring performance. Above all, it offers one of the last remaining opportunities to acquire a new Bentley fitted with the legendary W12 engine.

In addition to the stunning specification of this range of vehicles, these variations offer features such as Speed Edition 12 badging inside and out, as well as a dashboard overlay visualizing the engine's cylinder firing sequence. Owners will also receive a scale model of the car's engine, cast from a genuine recycled W12 engine block.

This final run of vehicles stands as a unique opportunity to invest in a car of historic importance. Because these are not just any cars – or indeed any Bentley. It celebrates an engine that can be considered a Bentley icon.

The Speed Edition 12 series marks the end of a glorious automotive era. The engine it celebrates originally appeared in the groundbreaking first-generation Continental GT, launched in 2003. Since then, both the car and the engine have become Bentley icons. And while the engine has gone on to power other Bentley models, its story remains inseparable from that of the Continental GT.

The most successful 12-cylinder engine in history, it has played a unique part in propelling Bentley to the position it occupies today - all while remaining true to founder W.O. Bentley's belief that the way to build better, faster cars was to build more powerful engines. Today, Bentley remains the only automotive manufacturer to produce engines of this kind.

Continental GT Speed Edition 12